Face Masks

Just like in World War II, Americans have to work together to combat a global evil.  One way you can help is by creating a reusable face mask to prevent the spread of the virus.  Local nursing homes, assisted living centers, elderly neighbors and family members, and even household members with cold symptoms can benefit from having a mask.  Be sure to not touch the front of the mask after use and before washing.  Below are instructions for crafting a face mask!

1. Cut two pieces of cotton fabric 9 inches by 6 inches.

2. Cut two 7 inch pieces of elastic (1/16 inch thick is perfect - you may have this elastic in supplies for beaded necklaces or bracelets.  You may also use flat elastics.)

3. Pin the two pieces of fabric with the patterned sides together. 

4.  Starting from about halfway along the bottom of the mask, begin sewing.  You may either use a sewing machine or sew by hand.

5.  When you reach the first corner, feed a piece of elastic in between the pieces of fabric.  Sew one end of the elastic tightly into the corner of the mask.  Move the elastic so that only the corner is sewn down as you stitch the next side closed.

6.  Stop at the next corner to connect the elastic.  Reach inside the mask and place the end of the elastic you sewed at the top into the bottom corner.  Sew over the elastic multiple times to ensure it does not come out.

7.  Turn the fabric and keep sewing until you reach the next corner.  Position the second piece of elastic into the corner.  Continuing sewing and repeat step 5 with the new piece of elastic.

8.  Turn the corner and sew about an inch -- leaving a hold to turn the mask inside out.  

8. Flip the mask 'inside out' so that the patterned side will be showing.

9. Sew the open section on the bottom.

10. Create three pintucks on each side of the mask.

11. Sew over the pintucks, creating a classic mask.


After wearing your mask, be sure to wash it in hot water and avoid touching the front of the mask.  Stay healthy!