Hosting the Experience.  Anyone can run the iWiRe Experience for their class, club, or group.  For your convenience, these materials include two different ways to run the program:

(i)     the Device-Based Experience, featuring video interviews with WWII veterans and a virtual Escape Room; or

(ii)    the Hands-On Experience, featuring the same videos and an actual (do it yourself) Escape Room.


Whichever option works best for you, the participants will learn from the eyewitness accounts of these WWII heroes as well as have the chance to apply the skills taught during the videos during a fun and exciting interactive challenge.  (Alternatively, students may go to the website on their own as a homework assignment or for extra credit.)


Regardless of which option you choose, it is possible to include a service-project component between the Opening Video and Basic Training, if desired.  Please visit Service Project Instructions  to learn more about craft projects (making blankets or paracord bracelets) that may be forwarded to current U.S. servicemen and women overseas.












(approx. 80-85 minutes to run
and 15-30 minutes to prep; minimal clean up time needed)

Will This Experience Work for My Group?

This Experience should work for any group in which at least one of every three participants has a device able to access the Internet.  (This Experience also may be done as individual homework.)


What Space and Materials Are Needed?

1.     One room large enough for all participants (“Video Room”).

2.     A suitably sized screen for all participants to watch videos and a DVD player (or internet connection) to that screen.  (Alternatively, each participant can watch each video on his or her Internet device, though it may be a better group experience for students to watch the videos on a single screen).

3.     At least one Internet-accessible device for every three participants.

4.     The iWiRe DVD (or access to to this website)

5.     Paper and pencil.

What Is the Schedule for This Experience?

 1.    Group leader (teacher) introduces event to all Participants (5 min.)

 2.     Participants complete iWiRe Opening Survey  (5 min.)

 3.     Participants watch “Living History” (20 min.)

 4.     Participants watch “Basic Training” (10 min.)

 5.     Participants access WWII Virtual Escape Room online, either as individuals or as two (or three)-people groups (5 min).  

 6.     Participants have a set amount of time (approx. 20-30 minutes), chosen by the group leader, to solve either Virtual Escape Room.  If participants finish before time elapses, they may help others or begin completing closing survey while waiting for others (20-30 minutes).

 7.     When time elapses, participants close devices and watch “Making History”  (10 min.)

 8.     Participants do iWiRe Closing Assessment (5 min.)

 9.     As time permits, group leader closes event or asks participants to write letters to current servicemen/women (or to heroes in the videos).











(approx. 85-90 minutes to run and 30 minutes for setup and for cleanup)

Will This Experience Work for My Group?

Groups who have a little more prep time and would prefer a live interactive experience can “build their own” Escape Room using clues and materials from either the "Real-Life Escape Room" or the "Classroom-Friendly Escape Room" portion of this website.


What Space and Materials Are Needed?

1.     One video-watching room, with a big screen and a connected DVD player (or at least online access) (“Video Room”).

2.     For each group of 6-12 participants, one room with sufficient space to allow the group to look for clues (“Escape Room”).  Alternatively, use the "Classroom-Friendly" version of the escape room, where this extra room is not needed.  To create an Escape Room: (i) go to; (ii) print relevant instructions, Officer Script, and materials (“Clues”) ; and (iii) hide Clues in Room.  Please note that the Real-Life Experience features the European Theater, and the Classroom-Friendly version features the Pacific Theater.

3.     It is helpful to have an “Officer,” a person familiar with clues, to accompany each group in case it gets stuck.

What Is the Schedule for This Experience?

Video Room:

1.   Event leader introduces event, divides the Participants into groups of 6-12 persons, and assigns an Officer to each Group (5 min.)

2.   Participants complete iWiRe Opening Survey  (5 min.)

3.   Participants watch “Living History” (20 min.)   

4.   Participants watch “Basic Training” (10 min.)

5.   Leader either: (i) plays Scenario for all and then instructs each Group to follow its Officer to its Escape Room; or (ii) the Officer leads his/her Group to outside its Escape Room and then plays the Scenario.  (30 - 45 minutes)

 Escape Room:

a.  Each Group follows its Officer into its Escape Room.  If needed, Officer assists members of Group to find clues and figure out puzzles.  

b.  Once Group completes mission, or time’s up, Group returns to Video Room

After each Group returns to the Video Room:

i.   Leader welcomes “home” participants as they return to original seats.

ii.  Watch “Making History” (10 min.)

iii.  Participants complete Closing Assessment (5 min.)

iv.  Leader thanks all those who worked on event and closes event (2 min).