Living History

Not that long ago, teenagers helped save the world.  In this video, we get to meet some of these teenagers who fought - and won - World War II.  We hear their thoughts on Pearl Harbor, their experiences during the war, and the values that sustained them.  For the history of World War II is more than battles and dates -- it also is the stories of the men and women who gave so much to make this world a better place.  Together, they made history.

Basic Training

Congratulations - you’ve been drafted.  Before you join the finest fighting force the world has ever seen, however, you need someone to show you the ropes.  This short film features several experienced instructors who will teach you things you need to know for your upcoming wartime experience.  And pay attention - these lessons could save your life!

Making History

These — and many other — everyday American heroes helped to win the war.  But what can we 21st-century teenagers take away from their experiences?   In this video, we hear the thoughts of survivors of the war and how they — and we — can continue to make this world a better place . . . and how our generation can make history. 

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