The iWiRe Experience

The iWitnessed --> iRemember Signature Experience is designed for teens to get a real sense of World War II from 20+ teenagers who were there.  These everyday American heroes not only discuss their own stories (through a short video entitled "Living History,") but also instruct students in some basic skills vital to the allied victory ("Basic Training.")  The students are then asked to use these skills in an "escape room" challenge -- either online or in an actual escape room you can create (instructions here for a classroom-friendly version) -- before viewing the final video that reminds today's teens that they, like the WWII teenagers they just met, can make history ("Making History.") 


Are you looking for a creative way to teach World War II to your students?  A way for your students to interact with World War II heroes?  Then iWitnessed --> iRemember's Signature Experience is for you!  For more information about how to run an iWiRe Signature Experience, click here.