Real-Life Escape Room

If you are planning to create an escape room experience with props, music, etc., print the following items.

Event Leader - Sample Remarks and Flow
This document provides sample remarks to lead an iWiRe event.
Adobe Acrobat Document 83.9 KB
DIY Escape Room Instructions
This document provides instructions on setting up a physical escape room in your space and includes tips on whether and how to hide the clues.
Adobe Acrobat Document 103.8 KB
Clues for the DIY Hands-On Escape Room
These are the clues that should be printed and hidden using the guidelines that can be found in the "DIY Escape Room Instructions."
iWiRe Hands on Escape Room (EuropeanRoom
Adobe Acrobat Document 720.5 KB
Escape Room Officer Script and Notes
This document provides a script and tips for an "officer" running a DIY escape room experience.
Adobe Acrobat Document 75.9 KB
German-English Dictionary
Print two copies of this German-English dictionary. Run pages front to back to create booklet. Fold in half and staple on fold.
German Dictionary (with Cover).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 637.5 KB

Video Scenario to play for participants before escape room begins

Enigma Machine

Enigma Machine Only:  Use the enigma machine to code and decode messages.  This program simulates an Enigma machine used by the Germans during World War II.  The code was broken by the Allied Forces during the War.  


This encryptor uses four rotors. The rotors are set to the secret key that corresponds to the key used to encrypt (or decrypt a message).  It is important when decrypting messages to start with the correct key and decrypt sequentially.  You will notice that the key will automatically change as the message goes on, so as to make it more difficult for someone to decode the entire message.


To use the machine, first set your key using the rotors. The left and right arrows toggle between the four rotors.  The up and down arrows adjust the letter associated with the rotor.  Then type your message on your keyboard.  With each key you hit, the corresponding cipher (coded) key will light up on the top keyboard.  Record each letter in order to generate your ciphertext. 


To decrypt the ciphertext, reset the rotors to the same key and type in the ciphertext just like you typed in the plain text. The Enigma was designed such that it can encode and decode using the same process.