Student Assessments

Pre-Experience Assessment
The Pre-Experience Assessment is designed to have students start thinking about what values are important to them and whether their values are similar to those of the Greatest Generation.
iWiRe Assessment - Opening.pdf
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Post-Experience Assessment
The Post-Experience Assessment is designed to assess what the students take away from the experience.
iWiRe Assessment - Closing.pdf
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Comprehension Assessment (Useful if given for homework or extra credit)
If you would like to give students a chance to learn directly from the Greatest Generation but have limited class time, students with computers and internet access may access all the videos and the Virtual Escape Room online at It will take students about 45 minutes to watch all three videos, and another 20-25 minutes to solve the escape room. To ensure that the students watched and learned from the videos, you may assign this worksheet for completion. It is recommended that you also ask the student to complete the post-experience assessment.
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