Operation Gratitude ships parachute cord (“paracord”) bracelets to U.S. servicemen and women overseas.  These bracelets are made of super-strong synthetic material that may be used for many different field tasks, ranging from hoisting a heavy load to suturing a wound.  



A video demonstration showing how to make these bracelets is below.  You will need (i) scissors, (ii) a lighter; and (iii) “jigs” that may be printed from this file.  You also may order (i) pre-cut 550 paracord from a number of websites, or (ii) larger quantities (not pre-cut) from many sites. Be sure to select 550 paracord that is in a muted, gender-neutral color.  (No reflective, white, or neon colors.)  Selected cord should say "550 Paracord", as it has 7 internal strands of cord and can hold 550 pounds.  The cords should be cut to 7 1/2 feet long strands and both ends should be heated with a lighter and squeezed with a pair of pliers to ensure that the inner cords do not come out during the bracelet-making process.  Once the bracelets are made, they may be sent directly to Operation Gratitude using instructions here.

 Paracord Bracelet Instructional Video (click to view on YouTube)